About us


Turnbull Funerals has over 80 years of experience in tailoring funeral services to the needs and values of families in Hobart and Tasmania, having served the local community since 1936.

Our funeral directors are well-established and connected in the local communities they serve, and proud to uphold the values we believe in: Family, Honour, Trust, Respect, Commitment and Loyalty.

With the Turnbull funeral home in North Hobart and serving all Tasmania, our funeral directors can help you arrange a funeral that truly reflects what life meant to your loved one, and what they meant to you.

At Turnbull Funerals we understand your values, and care about them too. For our values define us all. Our lives. Our loves. Our choices. They make us who we are. And they live on in the hearts and minds of those we love long after the person is gone.

Call Turnbull Funerals on (03) 6234 4711.

Our history

Turnbull Funerals (formerly Hooper & Burgess), has been serving Hobart families since 1936.

Our funeral home at 71 Letitia Street, North Hobart is registered by the National Trust and is Hobart's only funeral home with an on-site cremation facility. There is also an extensive memorial selection room.

At Turnbull Funerals, we believe that family and friends should be together without unnecessary travel from one venue to another during the day of the funeral service.

Proudly part of InvoCare. InvoCare is a leading provider of funeral services in Australia.